Welcome to our PinkLamb website. 

Pinklamb is a 2 person cottage business.  We sell Wensleydale Locks in dyed or natural colours in various amounts and occasionally fleece.

Most of our wool is used by the crafts industry for dolls hair, hand spinning, card making etc. 

  We are pleased to announce that we are now proud supporters of the campaign for wool in the UK. 


** We are also proud to announce that we are the proud owners of a Pedigree Black Wensleydale Ram whose name is "West End Prince". **



There are some pictures of our flock and other bits on our Gallery page. Why not pop over and have a browse.



  Here at pinklamb, we specialise in the preparation of British wools. Some even from our own mixed flock of Wensleydale and Shetland sheep, the rest is from elsewhere but it is all British. Of the utmost importance to us is how we look after our own flock, which in turn gives us a much better fleece. We strive to give them a very good and pleasant life. We have a very special interest in rare breeds and are breeding our stock to give a hardy sheep with luxurious fleece and lustrous wool.

   We do all our own preparation of the wool from the shearing of the sheep to the end product. This includes washing the wool (scouring), sorting, dying in various colours (non-toxic dyes), hand carding (combing), hand spinning, and occasionally knitting and crocheting. 

   Most of our wool is used to re-root dolls-hair in the doll making sector by craftspeople owing to the superb locks that are grown by Wensleydale sheep although it also has many other uses (hand spinning, Felting, card making etc).  
All of our products are prepared by ourselves from our workshop in the heart of the beautiful Teifi Valley, West Wales.

 Since setting up our cottage industry in this lovely part of Wales, most of our inspiration comes from the wonderful landscape, colours, coastline, people and animals that surround us, and we aim to help keep our traditions alive.

 To purchase our gorgeous wool locks, please either contact us from here using our "contact" page, or go to our online shop here on our website or visit us on Etsy.com or eBay where we are known as pinklambuk.

We accept all of these payment methods
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